Service Matters...

To help ensure your generator operates without issue when you need it most, we recommend it be serviced on a regular basis. For most residential and commercial generators, once annually is sufficient. Should you experience an extended outage (more than 7 days), please contact us for a system check up.

Is the person working on my generator qualified??

At DM Shaver, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field. From initial factory training to annual update meetings, our service technicians receive continuing education on a regular basis. We currently employ technicians that hold the following certifications:

  • Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician
  • Generac Air Cooled Certified Technician
  • Kohler Residential Generator and ATS Certified Technician (8kW - 150kW)
  • Engine and Equipment Training Council - Generator Technician
  • Engine and Equipment Training Council - Electrical Technician
  • Engine and Equipment Training Council - Four-Stroke Engine Technician


Proud Member of the Emergency Generator Systems Assoication!

Preventative Maintenance Service Rates

Air Cooled Generator Service Rates, 7kW - 20kW

Zone distance based on one-way distance from our shop.

  • Zone 1 (up to 10 miles)    $99.95*
  • Zone 2 (10-14 miles)        $109.95*
  • Zone 3 (15-19 miles)        $119.95*
  • Zone 4 (20-24 miles)        $129.95*
  • Zone 5 (25-29 miles)        $139.95*
  • Zone 6 (30-34 miles)        $149.95*
  • Zone 7 (35-39 miles)        $159.95*
  • Zone 8 (40-44 miles)        $169.95*
  • Zone 9 (45-49 miles)        $179.95*

Each additional mile over 50 - $2.00/mile

*Parts not included in service rate

Service Call Rates

Current Labor Rate: $95/hr.

Non-Emergency Service Calls - Non-emergency service calls will be scheduled during regular business hours.  Billing is at the current labor rate, from the time we leave the shop until the time we return to the shop - minimum 1 hour.

Emergency Service Calls - Service calls requiring immediate attention are deemed "Emergency", regardless of time of day, or day of week. Any customer requesting immediate service will be made aware that the service call will be billed at emergency rate.  *Please note - inquires made during a widespread outage will be placed on a priority list, as resources may be limited.

Emergency Service calls will be billed at 1.5x current labor rate from the time we leave the shop until the time we return to the shop - Minimum 1 hour.  Emergency service calls requested during certain holiday periods will billed at double time.  Please call for additional information.

Are you already a DM Shaver customer??

If so, we'd like to pay YOU to help us grow. We believe that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertisement, and instead of paying a media source for advertisement, we'd rather pay you!

Fill out the information below, and for each new customer you refer, we will take $25* off your next annual service!

*If your referal leads to a new customer that already has an existing generator system, we will issue a $25 credit to your account after the refered customer has an annual service completed.  This form must be completed to receive credit.

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